Payments and Refunds policy

1、Payment will offer up to two methods of paying for your Booking, as set out below. Any one or more of these methods may be available for each Car Rental Service available to book on the Website. Where more than one method is available, you may choose which method applies to your Booking.

Payment in full. If you choose to pay in full, you will pay the full price of your Booking by credit or debit card at the time you make your Booking through the Website. You will have nothing further to pay at the Car Rental Desk unless you choose to buy additional products or services, such as an insurance or damage waiver protection product, at the Car Rental Desk.

Pay at destination. If you choose to pay at destination, you will pay nothing at the time you make your Booking through the Website. You will then pay the full price of your Booking at the Car Rental Desk at the time you collect your rental vehicle.

Please note that, even where you do not pay the full price of your Booking at the time you make your Booking through the Website, a legally binding contract is still formed between you and the yesaway car rental when you receive a Booking Confirmation. Where you choose "payment in full”, may retain your payment in accordance with the Car Rental T&Cs applicable to your Booking.

Where you choose "pay at destination", we will send you a Booking Confirmation included the payment information in accordance with the applicable Car Rental T&Cs. You are deemed to accept liability or responsibility for the consequences of your delayed arrival or "no show" at the designated location or time.

Where you make a payment through the Website, will use a third-party payment processor to facilitate collection of the price. does not charge you a fee for processing credit or debit card payments.

2、Refund Policy

Our cancellation policies vary, depending on the type of reservation you have made, and the time when you cancel the reservation.

If you wish to cancel the reservation more than 1 day (24 Hours) before your rental pick-up time, you must cancel and request a refund online. Once cancelled, we will credit you within approximately seven business days. If you need to cancel during the 24-hour period prior to the scheduled pick-up time, we will reserve the rights to charge you the cancellation fee in according to local T&Cs. If you do not cancel the reservation prior to the time of pick-up and the rental vehicle is not picked up on the rental date, no portion of the prepaid amount will be refunded.

If you are eligible for a refund of any payment you have made to, and it’s subsidiary will process such refund to the credit or debit card account from which the payment was originally made. cannot refund any amount not paid directly to

If you make a reservation without paid by cards and you no longer need to rent, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible before your scheduled pick-up time.

3、Credit Card Pre-authorization

To ensure your rights and the smooth financial settlement during your car rental experience with Yesaway, we hereby present the terms regarding credit card pre-authorization. Please be aware of and agree to the following terms when renting a vehicle at our Car Rental Desk:

Credit Card Pre-Authorization Requirement: When you proceed with the rental process, you are required to provide a valid credit card for pre-authorization. We will conduct a pre-authorization operation on your credit card through our designated third-party payment company, reserving a certain amount as a guarantee for potential additional charges during your rental period.

Purpose of Pre-Authorized Amount: The pre-authorized amount is primarily intended to secure any unsettled expenses that may arise during your rental period, such as excess mileage fees, fuel costs, traffic fines, or vehicle damage compensations. Please note that pre-authorization does not equate to an actual charge; it merely serves as the basis for any deductions should there be additional fees due upon returning the vehicle.

Fee Settlement and Deduction: Upon your return of the vehicle, we will settle all charges incurred during the rental period. Should there be outstanding amounts owed, our designated third-party payment company is entitled to directly deduct the corresponding sum from your pre-authorized credit card. We pledges that all deductions are based on actual incurred expenses and are accompanied by a clear itemized bill for your review.

Pre-Authorization Release: Following the full settlement of all fees and confirmation of no outstanding matters, our designated third-party payment company will proactively release the pre-authorization on your credit card within 90 days upon your return of the vehicle. During this period, the pre-authorized amount will temporarily occupy your credit limit but will not result in an actual charge. Beyond this timeframe, we commit to no longer utilizing the pre-authorization privilege.

Information Security Assurance: For the credit card information you provide, both Yesaway and our designated third-party payment company strictly adhere to relevant laws, regulations and industry standards, implementing necessary measures to safeguard your information security against any unauthorized access, use or disclosure. After the pre-authorization is released, we will dispose of or anonymize related data in accordance with stipulations, unless otherwise required by law or authorized by you. We will not retain your detailed credit card information beyond this point.

Please read and accept the Credit Card Pre-authorization Terms carefully before renting a car, ensuring that the credit card you provide has sufficient credit for pre-authorization. Your cooperation will facilitate our provision of more efficient and convenient rental services. Should you have any questions about these terms or require further clarification, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives at any time.