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Beaches in Phuket


Bang Tao Beach

Location:  Near Surin Beach, 24 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: A charming beautiful beach of tranquil atmosphere. Some area used to be the mine and later on became the lagoons, wonderful sea and the famous hotel constructed on the sand bar which is Laguna Phuket. 

Chalong Bay 

Location: South of Phuket, 11 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: Chalong Bay is the gateway to other islands since it is the piers location and very crowded every day. 
This is the long curved beach lined with coconut trees. Some area has muddy sand which is not good for swimming. Walking along the bridge or watching the view will be better. 

Kamala Beach

Location: Near Highway 4233, 26 km from Phuket Town.

Attractions: The atmosphere at Kamala Beach is very different from Patong Beach although located not far from each other. Kamala Beach is the quiet area of long curved beach where villagers of Kamala Village still lead the original ways of life. The wide beach of 2 km long has the swimming area at the north and lined with pine trees and coconut trees. At the south are the Muslim community mostly are fishermen. They sail long-tailed boats to catch fishes along the coastline. The beach is not good for swimming.

Karon Beach

Location: 3 km north of Kata Bay.

Attractions: Karon Bay is the farthest bay when overlooking from Sam Ao Viewpoint. Karon has the features like Kata Bay but having larger and longer beach. Along the beach are small hills, lines of pine trees and palmyras. Ipomoea (morning glory) is also found on the sand. Many tourists visit Karon Beach but not make the beach too crowded due to its very wide and long area. The sea has beautiful color, clean golden sand making the area the popular swimming place. It is good to stroll along the footpath parallel the beach.

Kata Beach

Location: About 17 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: Kata Beach is usually crowded with tourists, the beach where several resorts are located, with clean white sand, beautiful sea and shady coconut trees. Kata Beach consists of Kata Noi and Kata Yai Beach, a good swimming area for children due to the shallow sea. Tourists here are mostly foreigners coming with families. Various activities are provided.

Mai Khao Beach

Location: Near Sai Kaew Beach at Sirinat National Park.

Attractions: The longest beach of Phuket with clean white sand and shallow water for swimming and seeing the scenery. Another name of Mai Khao Beach is Airport Beach. The straight line beach with the area starting from Nai Yang Beach passing Phuket International Airport to Sai Kaew Beach.

Nai Han Beach

Location: South of Phuket Island, 18 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: Nai Han Beach is along beach of clean white sand rested among peaceful atmosphere. Its white sandy beach is seen at far distance from the road on the hill that leads to the beach. Standing on the beach watching the sea, you will see two bays curving to each other creating a large basin, the area for sailing boats. Behind the beach is Nong Han Lake having the beach between the lake and the sea. Ao Sane is another small bay located near Nai Han Beach. You can swim at Nai han Beach but the sea is quite deep. So, be careful!

Nai Thon Beach

Location: At Sirinat National Park, Sakoo Sub District, Thaland District.

Attractions: A serene and quiet beach of natural environment, no accommodation located at Sirinat National Park. The curved beach of white sand is good for swimming. The lines of pine trees create more beauty to the beach. Nai Thon Beach is one of the marvelous sunset viewpoints of Phuket in quiet atmosphere while other beaches are very crowded.

Nai Yang Beach

Location: Sakoo Sub District, Thalang District, 30 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: Located at Sirinat National Park, Nai Yang Beach is the most beautiful beach in the National Park area having white sand, good swimming area, shallow water coral reefs in front of the beach. Sunset at Nai Yang Beach is very terrific in the evening. The beach is the natural important area where sea turtles climb up to lay eggs on the beach during November February.

Patong Beach

Location: At Katoo District, 15 km from Phuket Town.

Attractions: The most famous beach in Phuket, the center of sea activities at day time and entertainment at night time. Patong Beach is one of Phukets wonderful beaches including Karon, Kata and Nai Han Beach but Patong beach has a very long beach of 8 km with clean white sand,very appropriate swimming area. Swimming zone is orderly set as well as the boat pier. In the past old days, Patong beach was not well known because of the location behind the mountain that was hard to reach.So it was only the home of fishermen.

Prom thep Cape

Location: southern tip of Phuket Island, 19 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: Prom Thep Cape is the place to see the most beautiful sunset in Thailand. The cape ridge is covered with fields which will change to wonderful golden color at the end of winter when touching the sunlight late in the afternoon. This area is crowded every evening before sunset. Prom Thep Cape has no swimming area so it is only the viewpoint surrounded by rocks.Be careful while walking along the ridge during strong wind.


Rawai Beach

Location: 17 km from town before reaching Prom thep Cape.

Attractions: The road along Rawai Beach is beautiful with lines of shady pine trees and coconut palms, the area of reddish sand to stroll along and see the scenery. Villages of local fishermen located here full of long-tailed boats to go fishing,touring or diving. About 200 families of fishermen live in the village at the tip of the beach that can be visited. You can stop at Rawai Beach before going to watch the sunset at Prom thep Cape.

Surin Beach

Location: Choeng Ta Le Sub District, Thalang District, 24 km from Phuket town.

Attractions: Surin Beach is located at the foot of the mountain having shady atmosphere of pine trees lining along the beach of clean white sand. This area used to be popular in the past and still be mentioned but the very steep beach and deep sea make the area dangerous for swimming. It is better to come here and admire wonderful scenery especially the beautiful sunset in the evening among peaceful surroundings.