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Refueling Service Options


Yesaway Refueling service options

Pre-paid Fuel

Prepaid Fuel option saves your time at return the vehicle. Enjoy the hazel free in your journey.

*No need to hunt around for a petrol station to fill up before you return

*Purchase a full tank of fuel in advance of rental, then you can return at any level

*Price of prepaid fuel is competitive with local pump price

*Unused fuel is non-refundable 

We Refuel For You at Return

*Yesaway refuels for you, when the vehicle return with lower fuel than OUT.

*The charge of refueling at return is combine with fuel rate and refueling service fee. 

You Refuel In Advance of Return

*You refuel prior to return.

*Make sure the fuel is at the same level you pick-up with